Riverbed Technology is a technology company that specializes in improving the performance of networks and networked applications.
Riverbed is a market leader in WAN optimization and application acceleration, helping companies run applications several times faster over the WAN. Riverbed enables organizations to facilitate higher productivity for remote offices, helping to decrease frustration for end-users, and to shorten backup and replication time. Customers may also experience a significant reduction in bandwidth congestion and recoup their costs in soft savings and productivity gains.
"I'll just get a faster pipe" is an appropriate response to many network problems, but a slow WAN isn't one of them. Surprising though it may seem, a bandwidth upgrade will often do nothing to improve application response times or speed file transfers over a wide area network. To squeeze better performance out of a WAN, you need to resort to tricks -- tricks that only a WAN optimization solution such as Riverbed's Steelhead can provide.
Some simple math shows why. WAN performance is bound by two factors, TCP window size and network latency, that have almost nothing to do with the bandwidth of the link. It is easy to calculate the maximum possible throughput of a WAN link by using the following equation:
(TCP window size in bits) / (latency in seconds) = maximum bits per second ... more
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