eCloud+ Solution
Enterprise Computing Limited's Cloud Backup Solution
Organisations have to as a matter of policy and requirement spend thousands of dollars to setup a disaster recovery site for the protection of client data and also as a Business Continuity Plan. Enterprise Computing takes away that headache with its flagship eCloud+ solutions for Windows & Linux platforms. Our real time backup solution allows you to backup and recover from the cloud at any point in time.

Benefits that come with our eCloud+ offering:
Customers can rent customizable servers for their test and product development environment
Customers get to save over $100,000 in setting up a DR Site with not less than $50,000 yearly maintenance expenses
Our backup solution is hardware independent and supports all hardware platforms as well as any
combination of virtual and physicals servers
Recovery for entire systems, entire databases or single documents
Provides continuous byte-level server backup and snapshots
Quick and easy deployment
Eliminates need for backup windows, system slowdowns and primary use of tapes as backup
Enables affordable and flexible disaster recovery testing
Delivers the industry-leading system state replication engine for Windows
Available for an affordable quarterly fee with no long-term commitment
Works with VMware guests and Hyper-V
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