Environmental Monitoring and Alert System for Data Centres & Racks
Crucial to any successful business continuity strategy is the implementation of an effective monitoring and alerting system. Air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches are just a few examples of the many potential problems that seriously threaten the integrity of network hardware and data.
In situations where rooms are unmanned for any length of time, especially at weekends and overnight, these problems can, if left unattended, result in significant network downtime and cost.
Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) in partnership with Jacarta (R) provides an advanced, yet uncomplicated solution to Data Centre room/ rack monitoring and early-warning alarm notification. Environmental conditions can be monitored and logged, alarm thresholds configured, and automated early-warning alerts delivered to key IT personnel via telephone voice messages, SMS, email, web browser and SNMP traps. An Alarm Beacon / Sounder option is also available for on-site visual and audible alerts if required.

Key Features:
Remote temperature / humidity monitoring across ethernet network
Monitoring via web browser interface and/or network management system
User configurable high/low warning and critical temperature/humidity thresholds
Optional Go-Probe Sensors (water, smoke, security, power) can be quickly connected
Email/SNMP alarm notification
Daily status reporting
Automated Voice and SMS text alarm notification via Jacarta Alert Centre (please click here for country compatibility and more information).
Extensive on-board logging/graphing capability
Comprehensive browser interface
SNMP compliant for network management system integration. MIB available
Serial, telnet, browser configuration options
Alarm scheduling facility so that alerts can be enabled/disabled as required
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